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Poker Tournaments, Cash Games or Sit N Go Games: What is the Best Option for a Beginning Player?

Playing poker is not so much about playing a game of chance; it can easily become a lifestyle that you can use to earn a living: Read on to find out more…

Suicide Jacks - Poker Tournaments - Cash Games vs Sit and Go

This is a fairly common query among most new poker players. When you decide to start playing poker, you will have many options regarding the various different types of poker games you can play. Let us take a quick look at some of the most popular poker games that are currently being played by players all over the world.

Here it is very important to understand exactly why you want to play the game. If you just want to chill out with your friends over a table every weekend, it really does not matter whichever version you play. You should just focus on the format that you and your friends enjoy the most. However, if your interest in the game has a financial motive, then it is imperative to opt for a game that that will help you generate the maximum amount of money you can earn in a poker game.

The Cash Game

By and large, most of the real professional poker players are pretty biased when it comes to cash poker games, primarily due to the fact that this is how they earn a living.  If you were to join such a game, you will probably have a chance to earn the most consistent type of income. This is because of the fact that a typical cash game generally has the least amount of variance but also provides the largest edge possible. This translates into plenty of $$.

However, the main point here is that the person has to be a winning player. After all, the money has to come from somewhere, and in a poker game, the losers are the main supply. In order to win big, it is very important that you remain focused; and as a new player, do not take unnecessary chances with regard to bluffs and semi-bluffs. If your cards are good, make a few tentative bets; if they are not, you should fold post immediately. This way, you will be able to acquire a taste of the game without losing your shirt in the bargain.

This means that your average MTT (Multi Table Tournament) and a Sit N Go poker game features many ‘all-in’ situations, where it is very difficult for the newbie to control the outcome. Of course, if your skills are sufficiently well honed, you can easily gain an extra edge by playing many Sit N Go’s and MTT tournaments till you have the required expertise to win big. However, any winning edge you develop will still be less than the expertise you may gain while playing a cash game on a ‘per hand’ session. Here, it is pertinent to note that a cash game player will have a higher percentage of winning sessions per game. Hence, his income will be more as stable well. So, it is totally possible to make consistent profits in a tournament too, but this will entail playing a very large number of hands and games.

Statistically speaking, the number of highly successful cash game players who make a living playing poker is larger than their tournament and Sit N Go playing counterparts, who make a similar amount of money. In a nutshell, more people with variable skills end up making more money in cash games than in any other poker format.

Finally, the skills you acquire while playing cash games will always serve you well in any multi table tournaments. To put things in perspective, if you were to place all the best cash game players and put them on the tournament circuit, they will be able to hold their own. But if you were to inverse this equation, then not every tournament player can automatically become a great cash game player.

Multi Table Tournaments

Tournaments are also a really nifty way of making money while playing poker. The key reason for this is the winning edge in a Multi Table online poker tournament, which is greater than the edge derived in a ‘Sit n Go’ match.  Some of the best Sit n Go players generally tend to have an ROI (return on investment) of approximately ten percent or even less. A top MTT player, on the other hand, can quickly rack up an ROI rate that is higher than a hundred percent!

Sit N Go’ Games

Sit N Go’ games are now largely related to the ‘fun money’ playing crowd, i.e., for people who play solely to have a good time. This is because the edge that a great Sit N Go’ player has over his fellow competitors is deemed to be minimal at best. This holds particularly true if he is sitting at a table full of expert level players.

Having said that, skilled poker players are devotees of this format and continue to swear by it as the best poker format. But by and large, cash games and multi table tournaments have captured the attention of the poker playing crowd to a great extent.

All of the above examples allude to Texas Holdem poker only. However, this is becoming an increasingly crowded space as more and more players try their luck via their cards. This has opened opportunities for the savvy poker novice who can start off with Pot Limit Omaha and several other variants of the games. These games can easily provide opportunities for profit, which is not that easy for new Texas Holdem poker players.


In light of the above, we can safely conclude that in order to be classified as a great poker player, you have to decide the format you are interested in and then proceed to hone your skills till you can take on the best and come out on top. Join a game today and see for yourself where you stand in the poker hierarchy.


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