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Some of The Craziest Online Poker Stories of All Time!

People who run poker websites will be able to tell you a lot of crazy stories.

Interesting Poker Stories - Suicide Jacks

People who run poker websites will be able to tell you a lot of crazy stuff. In fact, the world of online poker games history is absolutely full of glorious battles, richly interspaced with some really far out and crazy gamblers. Let us check out a few such stories:

A Rich Man on Sunday— And Broke the Next Day

Okay, the name I7AXA may not be on everyone’s lips, but it should be. This was a Russian micro stakes player who had the ‘streak of a lifetime’ way back in 2011. He managed $143,000 in a single session!

Now, when you have managed this much, you should count your blessings, cash in and buy that yacht and mansion, right? Well, not in this case. Convinced that he could sustain his winning streak, he actually started playing $5,000 chips, right up front.

And to cut a long story short—the bottom fell out of his poker game. Now most people would have stopped and cut back their losses. But our intrepid Russian was convinced he could reignite that winning spark. And as his game grew wilder, so did his losses.

The lad is still around, still trying to replicate his ‘one golden moment under the sun.’ But he has not been successful yet.

Rs03rs034: Poker’s Very Own Working-Class Hero

While playing online poker is no rocket science, just scout around and find the game you like and can actually play well enough to make a lot of money. Once that is done, all you have to do is hone your skills till you become an expert. It could be 8 card Poker, crazy 8 poker, Texas Hold’ em Poker or any other form of the game that you really love. As with all things, practice makes perfect, so observe the other players and study the nitty gritties of the game till you become the ‘go to’ expert.

Rs03rs034 actually ended up becoming an online phenomenon by doing exactly the same thing. He started off at ‘one dollar double or nothing sit n gos’. Slowly, but steadily, he built his reputation, and his bankroll, until he was one of the most well-known and respected players around. But that was till he lost his head and things started going south. After he crashed and burned, few players remember his name. There is a lesson here for new players. Cash in your poker chips while you are ahead!

The Incredible Olivier Busquet: Poker Player Extraordinaire

Long before he became a famous name in the world’s leading high roller circuits, the man was an online legend who played under the twin pseudonyms ‘Liv112 and ‘Adonis112.’  His main claim to fame rests in the fact that he has made a solid $3 million while playing poker.

But his fiercely competitive spirit was not satisfied even after crushing his opponents while playing the game. He needed more than a mental ‘high’, and so he shifted to the flying fists of the MMA (Mixed martial arts) world where he made a name for himself, as a really courageous and gutsy martial artist.

Online Poker and The Nanonoko Phenomenon

For old hands at net poker, the ID Nanonoko is yet another synonym for ‘online poker.’ This is due to the fact that he played a staggering 4-million hand in two non-stop stints between 2008 and 2010. His phenomenal energy and powers of concentration effectively enabled him to earn a whopping $2 million, at the rate of a million bucks per year.

When you earn this much in such a short time frame, you may be forgiven for thinking that you have found your “El Dorado.” But that was before he became so proud by his own success that he decided to take on the big boys in several high stakes games. Unfortunately, he was out of his depth and lost a substantial bundle. Now he is barely remembered in poker history.

Isildur1 and His Black Day!

In the annals of online poker, there are few players who are as well-known as Isildur1. In fact, to this day, his name is spoken in hushed tones thanks to the events that occurred on December 8th, 2009.

It was on this day that one of the biggest pots in the history of the game was up for grabs. The brash and young Isildur1 played the game with his typical élan. But he was completely outperformed by Brian Hastings, who picked up a mind-boggling $4.1 million from the unfortunate Swede.

However, his opponent was not exactly being ‘totally’ fair since he had asked his friend to mine Isuldur1’s playing data, which he subsequently used against the Swedish legend.  Once Brian was aware of all of Isuldur1’s subtle tricks, he crafted a strategy to bring the most recognized player of the game down, once and for all.  However, Brain was also helped by Isildur1’s erratic gameplay as he seemed to have lost his head as his poker losses steadily mounted in front of him.

This game went on to create the single craziest moment in all of online poker history because Isildur1 was outplayed by his opponent and panicked.


Ultimately, the game of poker, especially its online version, is just like any other game and has its winners, losers and its crazy moments. You can easily join the fun and the mystery by logging on to the Suicide Jacks website so that you may also try out your luck with the pros.

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