Suicide Jacks LIVE Free Roll Tournament!

Suicide Jacks LIVE Free Roll Tournament!

Attention Suicide Jacks Members!

Suicide Jacks is announcing its first LIVE Free Roll Tournament.

All current Suicide Jacks Members are invited to participate in this $10,000 event in San Antonio, TX.


POKER TOURNAMENT: Saturday April 13, 2019 at 10:00am


LOCATION: SA CARD HOUSE / 19314 281 North, #110


$5.00 Cover – Optional $25.00 Re-buys and Add-Ons

Hosted by Suicide Jacks, SA Card House and UTSA Wake Club


15% of Players get Paid-Out


If you have friends or family interested in joining Suicide Jacks, now’s a good time to sign up and be a part of this tournament. Any new member who signs up before tournament begins on April 13th will be allowed to participate – Good Luck!

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